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The Phone Service Offered by Net-Tell LLC is Unique

December 20, 2017

The technological breakthrough that is VoIP has served to create a revolution in the business of home telephone service over the past decade or so. That is because VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, which is just a nerdy way of saying calls are routed over the Internet, instead of expensive copper wires that have to be built out and maintained at heavy expense. Net-Tell LLC is part of this revolution. They offer unlimited domestic calling and no charges for long distance in every calling plan.

Net-Tell LLC also charges the lowest possible rates for international calls, but that’s not the extent of their generosity. They also make available many free services that many more traditional phone companies charge extra to receive. There are so many free extra features, in fact, many Net-Tell LLC customers believe it is the best home phone service they have ever had, even as they save hundreds of dollars per year. It’s not every company that can offer the best service and the best price, but they certainly pull it off.